3S-GTE Front wheel drive power


 Group a and wrc - celica / corolla

The engine is the super strong 3S-GTE 2.0L 16 valve Twin-Cam EFI as used in TTE (Toyota Team Europe) rally cars , both in the Celica (shown in the ST 205 below) and firstly in the Corolla . The strength and the power figures these engines can make is scary , and some may say that Toyota do "overkills" , but that is the primary reason for thier reliability and the string of victories they have had throughout thier motorsport dominance . Most people look at the WRC Corolla and think "it only makes 300hp" , this is true , because they are power limited , but what most overlook is the fact they make 650ft/lbs of torque !!! . Not too many 300hp engines in a 2L do that through a restrictor .


celica and corolla

celica and corolla see thru

 LeMans denso / sard supra

The 3S-GTE was also used in thier various Le-Mans cars , and finally in the Denso (NipponDenso) factory Supra LM . It ran 2140cc with a slightly stroked crankshaft making 650hp (484kw) ! ! ! . Unfortunately during the 1996 race , at 8.10 am Mitsusada crashed the car again and the race was over for the #57 Toyota Supra LM . This car was a massive joint effort run by Denso Japan , along with partners TTE , TRD , SARD and finally Toyota Europe.

lemans supra

The following Supra is the SARD LeMans racer , that sits for most of the year in the Toyota museum in Tokyo . A fellow MKIV list member took these shots .

denso supra thumb

This is the 3S-GTE in the Denso Supra . They used to run the 2.2L crankshaft , but relaibilty , free-revs and slightly more boost saw it and the whole field in JTCC go back to 2.0L . Says something about all the hype with stroker motors . There isnt much info on these wild engines , except that they are fully prepped and TRD backed in Japan . TRD have put in more time to the 3S , than probably any other engine in thier race programes . They give out the common specs , but nothing too technical . Note the smaller inlet piping to the plenum , this is probably due to the restrictor they use and no need for a larger intake tube while keeping good velocities .

denso supra engine

 japanese touring car championship

toms supra drawing

 toms supra

toms supra thumb

The engine is also used in the famous Team TOM'S Supra that competes in the All Japan Touring Car Championship . It uses standard stroke and bore to a 2.0L displacement , and makes "over" 480hp (357kw) with a 43.0 mm restrictor ! ! ! . Not bad considering the Supra is home to a inline 6 cylinder 2JZ-GTE originally from the factory . There are a few reasons why they run the 3S , and some are , a) They can make the hp goal with the 3S , b) The 3S is lighter than the 2JZ , c) they can sit the 3S all the way to the firewall and safeguard the radiator and intercooler , d) the lower torque of the 3S makes it far more driveable , e) they can run more boost , if running less displacement .

It runs the Hewland 6-speed sequential box mounted to the well set back engine , while a large air-to-air intercooler that is mounted horizontally in the engine compartment where the first two cylinders normally reside in the 6cyl 2JZ-JTE . The intercooler and radiator are fed cool air from the large opening at the front of the car. After being forced through the intercooler via carbon fiber ducting air exits out large vents in the hood. Massive AP Racing brakes are fitted to all four corners with wheels sized large enough to fit around the calipers. Front wheels are sized 13x19" and the rears are 13x18" . The tires are sized at 31/71-19 in front ant 31/71-18 in the rear.

toms supra

 wayne gardner

The No 36 TOMS Supra is driven by the legendary Wayne Gardner , former world motorcycle champion , now touring car driver . http://www.waynegardner.com/
wayne g thumb

1996 - No.39 SARD SUPRA GT
1999 - No.6 ESSO Tiger Supra
2000 - No.6 ESSO Ultron Tiger Supra
2001 - No.37 MatsuKiyo ZENT TOM'S Supra
2002 - No36 Tokuhon TOM'S Supra

After my accident in '92 , Wayne took the time to write me a inspirational letter , and a beautiful signed poster . Good luck to him !


toms thumb

Car No. : 36
Class : GT500
Team Representative : Nobuhide Tachi
Team Director : Masanori Sekiya
Machine Name : TOYOTA TEAM TOM'S

Base Machine : TOYOTA SUPRA
Drivetrain Layout : Front Engine / Rear Wheel Drive (2WD)

Chassis Type : JZA80
Body Dimensions : L 4,520 x W 1,910 x H 1,200 mm
Wheelbase : 2,550 mm
Tread : F: 1,630 mm / R: 1,580 mm
Weight : 1.100kg

Transmission : 6-speed Sequential
Clutch : AP Triple Plate

Suspension : F: Double Wishbone / R: Double Wishbone
Brake : F: Ventilated Disk / R: Ventilated Disk ALCON
Tyre : F: 31/71-19 / R: 31/71-18 MICHELIN
Wheel : F: 13x19" / R: 13x18" RAYS

Engine : 3S-GTE
Type : Inline 4 DOHC + Single Turbo Charger
Displacement : 1,998 cc
Bore x Stroke : 86.0 x 86.0 mm
Restrictor : 43 mm x 1
Max. Power : over 470 ps /6.000 rpm
Max. Torque : over 65 kg-m /4.500 rpm

Oil : Castrol

 denso sard supra

manabu o thumb

Below is the Denso Sard Supra driven by one of my favorite JTCC drivers / drifters - Manabu Orido. This guy drives sideways as fast as he drives forward with such ease . Next time you watch a OPTION vid , you will probably find him doing a drift / test or on a judging panel with another alltime great Dai Inada .



denso 2002 thumb

Car No. : 39
Class : GT500
Team Representative : Shin Kato
Team Director : Yuji Saiki

Base Machine : TOYOTA SUPRA
Drivetrain Layout : Front Mid Engine / Rear Wheel Drive (2WD)

Chassis Type : JZA80
Body Dimensions : L 4,520 x W 1,910 x H 1,200 mm
Wheelbase : 2,550 mm
Tread : F: 1,630 mm / R: 1,580 mm
Weight : 1.100kg

Transmission : Hewland 6-speed Sequential
Clutch : AP Triple Plate

Suspension : F: Double Wishbone / R: Double Wishbone
Brake : F: Ventilated Disk / R: Ventilated Disk AP
Tyre : F: 330-710R81 / R: 330-710R81 YOKOHAMA
Wheel : F: 13x19" / R: 13x18" RAYS

Engine : 3S-GTE
Type : Inline 4 DOHC + Single Turbo Charger
Displacement : 1,998 cc
Bore x Stroke : 86.0 x 86.0 mm
Restrictor : 43 mm x 1
Max. Power : over 470 ps /6.000 rpm
Max. Torque : over 65 kg-m /4.500 rpm

Oil :

 denso / sard

As one can see the Denso Sard Supra , consisting somewhat from the original roots of the LeMans team , is still very well alive and kicking . They keep some Euro drivers , like last seasons main drivers , Romain Dumas and Jeremie Dufour , while this year Dufour is still there , and joining him from the ADVAN Supra team is Manabu Orido

denso supra

 fet / trd

I added in this FET / TRD Supra , to show how far and radical the new bodies have become . You can see the simmilararity to the street spec Supra on the FET version taken in the later 90's . Todays designs are much wider and flatter , providing a lot more down force with added wing area aswell . Personally , i like this shape , they seem to be going too far nowadays , they look somewhat like kit cars , and not what they originally were meant to be in my opinion .

fet supra

 top secret gt-300

top secret eng thumb

TOP SECRET Engineering is known as one of the baddest Japanese tuners around . They Have two shops , one for mechanical [TOP SECRET] and one for body kits and spray [TOP SECRET II] , and the owner is just as crazy . Smokey San as he is known [likes some RWD white smoke] has been arrested for taunting the cops while doing over 160mph on the A1 in England in his RB-26DETT powered 0-300kph Supra .

The car below is a monster , pure and simple . It has a Garage Fukui 2.2L stroker crank with matching rods and pistons , HKS metal head gasket with HKS 272 cams and HKS cam gears . Oil is cooled via a TRUST 16 row oil cooler and intake charge is cooled via a 600x300x100mm TRUST intercooler . Fuelling is taken care of 10 Bosch Motorsport fuel pumps [yes ten] feeding the primary fuel rail with 4x 540cc injectors and another secondary rail with 4 more 540cc Denso injectors , that is all controlled thru the HKS FCON-V PRO ECU . Boost is controlled thru a GReddy PRofec B and fed into the engine thru a massive TRUST T-88 34D turbo through a OS Giken triple plate clutch and onto the stock Getrag 6sp gearbox , into the TRD diff and out the wheels to make a damn fine 720hp @ 8500rpm and 637nm of torque at 7800rpm at 1.8bar [26.1psi] ! ! .

top secret interior thumb

It rolls on RAYS Engineering / VOLK RACING TE-37 LE , 18"x9.5" [255-35-18"] in front and 18"x10.5" [275-35-18"] in the rear . The car comes in at a light weight of 1250kg's , but is a total of 300mm's wider than a stocker , with the use of Carbon Fiber panels .

Does it stop tho ? , yes it does , thru a set of Alcon calipers and TRUST 2pc discs with a 355mm diameter . Shocks are OHLINS coil overs .

It only goes out at night , and if your asking the question , yes , it is street registered .

top sercet thumb



engine - 3S-GTE DOHC 16v 2.2L 4 cyl
crankshaft - Garage Fukui 2.2L stroker crank and con rods
pistons - HKS Forged
cams - HKS 272 with HKS adjustable cam gears
turbocharger - TRUST T-88 34D
wastegate - TRUST TYPE-R
intercooler - TRUST 3 layer 600mm core tube and fin design
inlet manifold - Custom TOP SECRET
filter - TRUST Airinx foam filter

injectors - 8x 540cc Denso units on two rails
boost control - GReddy PRofec B
boost - 1.8bar [26.1psi]

exhaust - 4" with TOP SECRET Titan muffler
wastegate - Dedicated 3" side venting
exhaust manifold - 50mm tubular

transmission - Getrag 6sp
clutch - OS Giken Tripple Plate clutch
differential - TRD LSD

calipers - Alcon 4pot
disks - TRUST 2pc 355mm
shocks - OHLINS coil over

front rims - VOLK RACING TE-37 LE 18"x9.5" [255-35-18"]
rear rims - VOLK RACING TE-37 LE 18"x10.5" [275-35-18"]

horsepower - 720hp @ 8500rpm
torque - 637nm of torque at 7800rpm

 rod millen motorsport

rod millen celica thumb

Rod Millen is the king of the mountain , the famous and deadly Pikes Peak . While his 900+ hp [671kw] at 3.10+bar [45+psi] Celica and the 1000hp Tundra truck dont run the 3S in theory , the E501 series is what was a starting platform for the 3S . Relaibly they had powered him up there to many wins year after year , so to no suprise when he wanted to make a mean street car , his Huntington Beach Facility came up with the goods .

The result is the RMM Ultimate Celica . The car started life as a 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S in FWD form . The end result was a raging 4wd monster . The engine and driveline came from the ST-205 Celica GT-FOUR , and was then shoehorned in . This is a classic example of what Toyota "should" have made . The engine whipped out 500 bhp [372.9kw[ at 8000rpm and 460.9nm [339.9ftlbs] of torque at 5500rpm . Around the 19"x8.5" wide wheels on each corner is 245 / 35 - 19" rubber and inside that is 312mm disks for some serious stopping power .

The end result is facinating !

rmm ultimate celica

 lexus is 200

is200 thumb

It seems as we dont even have the newest version of a type of car , when someone in Japan allready has a version that is four times as powerful and handles twice as good as it came from the factory .

This is the latest . The following example is the new Lexus IS 200 or Altezza as know in other parts , and it too carries the 3S engine , but this is a new re-designed 3S-GE with variable cam timing . The following example is TRUST performance masterpiece that has been mated with a huge GReddy T-67 turbo that makes 317hp [237kw] at only 1bar [14.5psi] , and the figures speak for themselves , as some serious flow .

If pure class and great power is your thing , this is it .


The IS200 below i am not familiar with , but it was featured at the '99 Japan Auto Salon and was awarded best Lexus . I cant comment on hp or time figures , but from what you see here on the outside and the massive front mouth in the facia like for a intercooler , it sure wont be stock and a turbo under the hood is one of my first guesses . It too uses the 3S-GE BEAMS variable cam timing engine .

altezza 2

 toyota mr2

And dont forget the MR2 ("M"id mount "R"ear wheel drive "2"L) . This is a fine sports car for 2 that is the Japanese version of the Ferrari . Below is the fine example of the TRD widebody MR2 on the SW-20 chassis .

trd mr2

 hks drag celica

There is not much i know on the HKS Celica apart from that it takes 9 seconds to do its job . It is 3S-GTE powered , but it is not a ST 205 GT-FOUR , rather a ST 202 SX FWD origin .

hks celica

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