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Dear Editor:

            As I was reading the article “True Colors” I realize that this can be misunderstanding.  Jacobo Morales is a pretty good film director.  The article is really interesting but you should explain more some issues like “for which almost 60 percent Puerto Ricans qualify for welfare”.  Puerto Rico as is known has poverty.  We can see this information in census data and in the on employee statistics.  It can be truth the 60 percent of Puerto Ricans qualify for welfare, but how many in reality does take welfare? Salaries in Puerto Rico aren’t as good as in United States.

            I wish to know if all the information in the article was taking from Jacobo’s interview.  If it’s so how does Morales obtain the information of the percentage of who qualify for welfare.

            I believe that most of the populations qualify for federal welfare.  Because I have seen a lot of people, employee or unemployed, who receive welfare.

            For the next time, you should be more specific in certain issues that can be misunderstood.



                                                                                                                                     Karla N. Sánchez